Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Under The Weather.....and no one cares

Boo-Flippin Hoooooo to me.

I am sick AGAIN

but this time worse than last time..

Airplanes are basically flying germ tubes filled to the brim with all types of nasties waiting to infect

I can't remember the last time I traveled and did not come home with some type of bug..

Anyways, I have no time for this non-sense.

 Yesterday while I was slowly dying of the plague, I was also officially back to work which meant it was demo time FINALLY on a project I have been working on for a while now..

I will be documenting some of the process here.... yippee

So introducing "Client Sweetie Pie's" house!


Weird half wall bout to get smashed

 Taking out this big wall....

And re-doing this ugly fireplace. We are centering it on the wall and making it LOVELY!

 You can kinda see, but  we removed that weird wall separating all the living areas and it really makes the house feel 10 times bigger.

So much better!

All in a days work.....amazing what a sledge hammer and a trusty contractor can do!


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