Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday: UK edition

I wish I had billions of pictures and hundreds of stories to make you all jealous of my trip to the UK......

but I don't...

Here is what I do got..


I visited a lot of them

What the hell else am I gonna do with a two year old in a bustling city, go fuckin clubbin?


We hit up some zoo's

We hit up a gorge beach with not a bikini in sight...but tons of skipping stones

We walked around in Wales..saw some castles (standard sights for this fair land)

and then got to the big pretty city of London town only to get real, REAL sick..

Here is an image run-down

Now we are home and today is my first official day back at work....and I am anxious to get back to it!

Can we all give a big round of applause for ALL the fabulous guest Babes who took care of AID while I was gone!!!

thank you ladies so much for being fantastic and generous and for baring a bit of your souls!

Happy Mondays to you all


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